for Jean Robert Bayard

In Thailand, nearly every home has a Spirit House tucked unobtrusively into a corner of the front yard,  facing back toward the main house’s front door. In Thai custom, this dollhouse-sized model in a traditional Thai architecture welcomes ancestors from the spirit world, and provides a place  for them to stay when they visit us in our world.  If the owners of the Spirit House have any dignity and sense of the past, they keep the house well-stocked with candles, fragrant incense,  gifts and food for the visitors. This of course will encourage the visitors to linger for a while and chat, and perhaps share with us on Earth the wisdom they’ve gained in the afterlife.

In the same way, these pages are a kind of Spirit House for Jean Bayard, and  for her husband Bob Bayard, to stop by and visit. Memories and stories of their lives  are here. The thoughts and feelings of those who loved them are here.

Some information about the website: you can leave a comment on any of the pages, at the bottom of the page. (To prevent trolls and other miscreants from spamming, there is a password to copy from one window and paste in a second window…then you can post your comments )  Also, a note about the picture on the top header: it changes with every new page you visit…they are all drawn from the pictures shown on the “Photos” page, of Jean and Bob and their families. Collect them all!

May all spirits who visit these pages feel welcome. Stay awhile and chat.


Jean Robert Bayard      1923-2011

3 comments on “for Jean Robert Bayard

  1. Oh, dearest David, thank you — thank you for this precious treasure of a spirit house, where we can come to visit. Each page was beautiful — it brought me to tears but was very, very soothing and consoling. I plan to drop in whenever I need to commune with Mom and Dad and our family.

    Lots of Love,

  2. August 21, 2012 –
    Happy birthday, Mom! I miss you so much. It’s late here but there in California, I think about now you’d be sitting on your easy chair with Jolala on your lap, watching some fun mystery or great teaching lecture, with a bowl of homey food and your large measuring cup full of protein drink on the shelf beside you. I wish I could be there with you now, we had lots of wonderful evenings, and I think of you often, with love. I’m hugging my cuddly Pooh Bear and looking at your pictures. Happy birthday, Mom!

    Bonnie wrote to me —
    I would often call Jean, if not on her birthday, for her birthday. So instead, I’m checking in with you to say “I’m so glad Jean had a birthday, because she then gave you a birthday=-) How blessed I feel to have you both in my life.”

    We love you Mom!

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