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A house full of furniture

PROJECT:   A House Full of Furniture


Comments:  This furniture may look as though it was all built to order at the same time, but it wasn't planned that way.

Stereo Cabinet

Instead, it grew over the course of about twenty years as my clients added to it .

It began with the entertainment center, whose design includes space for both sound system and a collection of recorded music.

Tired of their records and discs scattered in various shelves and on the floor, they decided to hide the worst of the mess. The three central drawers have inserts to store several hundred compact discs.

Drawer Units

Above them, shelves hold stereo equipment and speakers, and below is room for tapes, books, and music. All the wiring is hidden in a special chase behind the shelves.

The flanking bookshelves, built three years later, display more of my clients' art books and literature . They match the original cabinet in design and wood, and were sized to fit a space in their new residence.


But the collection wasn't complete, so we created a wardrobe dresser for the bedroom. The design details were adapted from the Previous pieces.

Ten drawers, of two different widths and varied heights, conveniently store clothing of all sizes and shapes. The matched wood grain and the curved handles running the length of each pair of drawers makes them appear as one long drawer.

The finish on all three pieces is clear satin varnish.

WOOD:  Black Cherry.


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