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Voice Console

Voice Console


Someone who makes a living with their voice needs a good place in which to let it speak. My customer built this state-of-the-art recording studio for her work, and had me build the finishing touch: a console to house the equipment needed to produce quality recording.

The design idea was only "Keep it simple". We resisted the temptation to employ a lot of detail, and built just the basics: a massive desktop to hold the computer and speakers, an open case underneath with room for a standard electronics rack, and a few small cubbyhole boxes on the desktop to hold the speakers and the miscellaneous.


To minimize sound transmission, we built the major parts with three layers of hardboard, just like sound-deadening speaker enclosures.

The countertop is veneered in Curly Maple, a special tribute to the idea of a guitar.

Wood: Hard Maple, Black Cherry

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