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Dining Table

Dining Table


A pear-shaped table? A peanut-shaped table? We couldn't figure out what animal, vegetable or mineral best fit the wiggly shape of this Maple dining table. But we liked it anyway!

I built the table legs right into the Maple table top, three Aromatic Cedar tree stumps embedded in the framework that makes up the top.

The table top is a torsion box, made by sandwiching a lacework of wood slats between two thin plywood panels. The resulting shape can withstand more weight than any solid wood of the same shape. Then we banded the cut edge with solid wood bent over the curves.

The table's size and weighty mass gives a very solid presence to any culinary celebration. The main drawback is that guests keep arguing over who gets to sit at the nicest nook!

Wood: Hard Maple Veneer, Poplar, Aromatic Cedar

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